Thursday, September 12, 2013

Just another Thursday

Today was just another Thursday at home. K has been gone all week in SD lucky duck, so we have been staying busy here at home. Been working on doing our daily jobs in the morning. Making beds, getting dressed, brushing teeth and hair is what is on the list.

Aaron needs help making his bed but Grace can do hers pretty well. I need to make a new job chart and its on my list with about half a dozen other projects.  

I tried to put the kids down for quiet time, but Aaron got up about 40 minutes into naps (I thought he was asleep) and went potty. Which is a good thing, however he needs help wiping still and so he started playing with the cloth diaper sprayer. He was a busy little mess maker for who knows how long. So that is why he is here in my bed with Grace reading.

Sorry I don't have any pictures of the peanut, she actually was napping. She is talking so much. Up until today I thought as soon as she can really talk, all this attitude and defiance I am getting will ease up I'm sure. However tonight it occurred to me, spontaneously, that that might not be the case. She can say, bite and mine, and shoe, oh and eyes. But she thinks your ears are your eyes. And she can say nose. So basically she can communicate pretty well, but still has lots of attitude. I'll keep praying.
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