Sunday, September 22, 2013

Friends to Play

My friend had her baby last week and we were on baby watch here. We took her girls for the night and all the kids had so much fun playing together.

Lunchtime, I was glad I still had Sarah's high chair for her to use, because she wanted to be a part too! 

Coloring afterward

I think Grace drew her friends, and me and God and Jesus, if I recall correctly. 

Sarah has to have her Frankie dog and 'Nana bunny' as we call them. I love that she finally loves her lovies.

Pretending to be a puppy dog of course.

She is not camera shy.

Anybody up for a snorkel?

Or a nap on the floor?

Thought I'd throw this one in there too, goofin with my camera.

We've been super busy and Daddy has been gone traveling a lot, and life is only getting busier around here. Grace started dance last week and our small group starts this week. I can't believe September is almost over, it's going to be Christmas before I know it!
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