Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fun with Daddy

K grabbed a lil bag of gummi bears and was eating them after dinner last night. The kids were trying to see what was in is hand.

When peanut found out, he bribed her for kisses. She can be stingy with her smooches this girl.

After dinner we told the kids were going to have a campfire and do smores! We have has this patio table with a firepit, probably for about 7 years and have never used it before. Of course I had forgotten that the wood was wet from being rained on. But that didn't stop my hubs from getting us a good fire!
I just love this expression on Sarah's face, it reminds me of somebody, I can't place my finger on it. Maybe Papadaddy?

Today we were busy, K mowed the lawn it had been 2 weeks since he was gone and it was rainy last week. Then got a haircut for K and rest for the rest of us. Took my friend to the airport and dinner with Grandma.
Quick funny story. A little history yesterday I did doubles and did Total Body Circuit and Lower Focus (tough 25 minute workouts) this morning I did 4 miles on the treadmil. So I was feeling pretty beat this afternoon. I decided to take a quick bath before dinner. K was calling his mom to invite her to dinner. I had the bathtub filling up and I went in to the bathroom and the curtain was drawn halfway. Suddenly I saw something brown in the water. It scared me and I started screaming. I screamed 4 times. Then I looked again and saw................................

Sarah. She had climbed into the bathroom with her brown leggings and brown shirt on, and was sliding around in my bubble bath!!! Then I started laughing hysterically. Poor thing was not happy because I lifted her out stripped her wet clothes off and booted her out into the hallway for daddy to dress.
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