Friday, September 25, 2009

The Smiths Ad!

So here are the videos I took of our sweet baby the other night that I couldn't get to load! And of course I loaded them backwards so the one of her crawling away is the last one when she was done with me and off to play with that electric socket! Of course I didn't let her get over there....

Oh and guess what? We finally got someone to come look at the motorcycle tonight. KSov thinks that they probably will come back tomorrow to buy it so although its not the greatest price point, its at least....doable???? For lack of a better word. This weekend its supposed to be nice highs in the 80's thru the middle of next week and then highs in the 50's. Fall is here in fact I do believe the first day of Autumn past last week or something.

I can't wait for cooler weather. What!!!??? Did Summer Girl say what I think she said?? Yeah I do appreciate the fall weather and can't wait to take our Lil Miss to a Pumpkin Patch and pick out a pumpkin. Maybe tomorrow we will go to Kid to Kid (local childrens used clothing store) and see if they have any cute costumes.... still not sure what I would dress her up as.

I will also try to get some video of her walking with daddy or mommy. She is doing great. Tonight she was walking down the hall with me and she was barely using my fingers to support her weight, she was! Practice makes perfect!

Well, heres to updateing what were up to and I will get roof pics up. HUGS and LOVE here from Salt Lake...............

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