Thursday, September 10, 2009

Roof Update!

Ok so here are just a few pics of what we have been doing so far this week. This pic is the best to be able to tell the work that we have been doing. Scraping the old (2 layers) of shingles off the roof. Actually I must confess that we didn't do any of this particular back breaking work. We a 3 laborers to help us with it.
Not really sure why I took this pic of the front of the house, but I guess you can see the lightness of the brick. I would love to stain the brick a different darker color. (Color is good! White is bland... lol)
So the next 2 pic are from the ladder of the back side of the house. You can see how light the precious shingles where. We got a dimensional shingle called...shoot I forgot! But they are darker gray than this.

OK so this is the second load that needs to go to the dump. Unfortunately this load never made it there because we though the dump closed at 6 but it really closed at 5pm. The firsty load awas like this and it was 6000 pounds! Can you believe that?

Today we pulled all the shingle nails and repaired some of the plywood that needed to be fixed due to water damage. KSov and my Dad also got the drip edge laid and 2 rows of the fire and ice on the back side of the roof. The shingles are being delivered tomorrow morning!


SOVEREEN'S :) said...

OMG! I can't believe how big Grace is, why didn't you like them painting her toes? They should of asked first though! Your photos from Cali. are so cute, it looks like you had tons and tons of fun also. To bad Kent couldn't go with you guys:( I cried a little with Toby going, I tried not to but I couldn't hold it back long. I miss you guys, I kinda want to come down for Thanksgiving but am pretty sure it won't happen. Anyways i have tons to say I should just e-mail you.... Love you guys so much! Hope everyhting goes good with the roof:) XoXo

Beth said...

Great job on the roof! And answered prayer--no rain! The sky looks clear and sunny!