Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pookanator Pics from San Diego!

Ok So here are some more pictures from my camera and I just realized I put them all on backwards again. Meaning timewise. So these first pics are from the end of the day and the last ones are from the beginning of the day!

At lunch with her Memaw. (Who knows what she is looking at?)
Pepaw and Pooks

I gotcha Pepaw...he he he!

Mommy and Pooks and the bear, poor guy it was hot!

Hmm, not sure what I am laughing at here...

Her first look at the giant bear!

Memaw and Pookie, oh yeah checking out the giraffe! Look at her face she actually saw them pretty close up. She didn't see them at first then she did and was AMAZED!

Nana getting her time in while we try to take pics.

My Lil Movie Star Miss....

Nana and the Lil Miss, being soo good and letting us put the lil sunglasses Nana got her on. The ladies with their sunglasses and hats! Ready for a day at the Zoo!

Say Cheese! She was so mesmerized by all the people and kids.

Ok well thats what I got for tonight. My lil Pookanator, you are 8 months old today and growing up soo fast mommy can hardly keep up! You alrfeady crawl really good and are quite adept at pulling yourself up. We all know you want to walk so bad. Miss Dawn at daycare told me yesterday that you get mad sometimes when they are holding your hand and you see the pther children walking.
You still have such a pleasant personality and get along well with everyone. You loved all your Uncles in Cali and quickly got over your stranger danger with men once you saw them a few times in a row. You are wearing size three diapers, and still have no teeth, which mommy is just fine with!
You love to eat and eat a ton it seems! Mixed grain cereal, fruits and vegatables. You can drink from your sippy cup, 'you picked out' but LOVE to drink fresh cold water (like your daddy) out of any grownups glass. And you do a good job of it too!
You make the cutest lil billy goat noise when you laugh or even grunt when your excited, oh and you waived your arms whenever you see other children.
We think you can waive to people now when they waive at you, and I swear you said Ma Ma tonight, when you wanted me to pick you up out of your high chair.
You still love taking baths, but get some disagreeable when its time to rediaper you up and lotion you up for bed.
In the mornings you love watching Little Eisteins or My friends Tigger and Pooh, with Mommy and Daddy while we get ready for work.
Oh and today they painted your toe nails, although Mommy was not happy about that and said so!
But my lil sunshine baby there will be plenty of time for that later. I love you tons and tons!!!!!!


Beth said...

I love that shot of her in her shades! So Hollywood! I sure do miss little Miss. Give her kisses and snuggles from Memaw and Pepaw!

LoriAlbrecht said...

Hey, Cute pictures of the little one. Lori likes the one where she is mesmerized.

SOVEREEN'S :) said...

You just wonder what the heck is going through their little heads when they see all that new stuff. She is so sweet and is doing so well it sounds like. You are a good mommy:)