Wednesday, September 23, 2009


OK so I took this pic tonight and then I took 4 videos on my phone of our sweet lil girl playing with the Smiths ad. So I sent the videos to my email and then downloaded them to the computer so I could upload some sweet baby for you all. However............................

it took way to long to upload one. In fact it actually never did. I kept popping over and reading all of my blogs I follow because when I wasn't updateing mine I wasn't read yours our theirs or anyones. I wasn't checking emails or anything. I had new emails, of course some was junk, but I was busy and the stupid lil 15 second video I took of this Lil Miss wasn't loading! Arg. So all that loaded was the pic, and she looks kinda like..."Yeah, whatcha want?"
So I will try really hard to get some videos up tomorrow night, or at least some pics of the roof! It all done, well the shingling part is. Dad says he has to do the flashing along the chimney but that wont take long and we have to put the 2 gutters back up. And of course we have to take the like 6000 pounds of trash to the dump still! Yay! :) But at least its now done for winter.
The next project would be to get the doors painted and the garage cleaned out so we can park a vechicle in it. Hey that might be nice parking your car in the garage, right?
KSov is out of town till Thursday night late but then we have the weekend! I can't wait! I miss my Lil girl so much!
I was thinking about it and I only get to see her for about 2 1/2 hours a day. I might have her for about an half hour in the morning before its time to take her to school and me work and then if I don't close then I get her by six pm and she's in bed by eight, sometimes 830 if were running behind schedule.
It made me sad today because her fav daycare teacher was telling me how Grace now cries when Miss Dawn isn't there and she only wants to be held by her. Made me sad because that is supposed to be me...
Today I had to terminate an employee. It was the first time I had to do that and I was nervous about it. But I got through it and it helps me be a better manager.
Of course now I have to be on the teller line till we hire a new morning teller, so we will see how long that takes.
Love yall, oh and what do you think Pooks should be for Halloween???

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Beth said...

Wow, she is really changing. I can see a difference in her since you all were here.