Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sick Baby

Just a quick update. Grace has another ear infection in both ears again. I am thinking she probably never really got over the last one...but I can't be sure. She also got another vaccination today. And despite all that she was in amazing spirits. We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and she had some of mommy's baked potato which of course she loved! (I mean who wouldn't with sour cream butter and cheese??) She ate a real good diner too. A whole thing of carrots and applesauce...actually I just remembered she didn't finish the applesauce and I think I left it on the table. Bummer. Oh well. We gave her, the antibiotics tonight and hopefully this will kick this ear infection in the butt!
On a side note. We think someone tried to steal our motorcycle last night. When I left this morning I noticed the garage door was up and I thought KSov had been outside already getting some of his work stuff together. I quickly switched the car seat to the Jeep and left (being in the mad rush I am always in in the mornings) Then KSov texted me if I had rummaged around in the jeep console and took the garage door opener because he couldn't find it. Long story short we think the person who came to look at the motorcycle might have though to try to steal it because there was nothing taken out of the garage last night. The motorcycle was actually locked on the rv pad (thank you briggsy for being an escape artist dog otherwise we wouldn't have the special hasp lock we have on the gate) because my dad and KSov had been cleaning out the garage yesterday.
So KSov dismantled the garage door opener and we are counting our blessings. We think maybe because my dad was up late last night with the light on it could have scared off the potential thieves.
Well everyone is safe and sound asleep and its time for me to be off to bed too.
sweet dreams..............


SOVEREEN'S :) said...

Well your roof looks great and Grace is just as cute as ever! I so wish I was there to help eat those cinnamon rolls!! They look so so good. OMGOSH, I can't believe someone tried to steal the bike! At least nothing else was taken from the garage, we bought an alarm system and it will put in sometime in the next week or so. I would be so uneasy if that happened to us. when we came home from Utah our last visit, Curtis had forgotten to lock the front door so it was unlocked for a whole week and by the grace or God nothing happened, we got so lucky! Hopefully the guys is to chicken to try it again!! Love ya Rachelle

Beth said...

wow, pretty crazy stuff...I am so thankful that nothing was taken and that you all stayed safe. Hope Gracie is feeling better today...she is such a good girl...miss her bunches! Give her lots of love and kisses and snuggles from Memaw!