Sunday, November 7, 2010

Friday at the Park

On Friday morning we decided to go to the park to ..."shide". So once we got there and mommy got the baby all wrapped up in the Moby Wrap and we walked over to the slides. Grace decided to freak out because they are doing road construction and widening the road by the park. There was big CAT's and Digger trucks moving dirt and what not. She had a melt down and did not want to slide for once in her baby life. However after walking back to the car and having a snack of trail mix (and eating mostly M&M's) she saw some other bigger kids over there and decided she needed to slide some more. So we walked over and played, but here she is peering at the big trucks which are very scary. So cute! I had daddy take these for me with his phone of mommy and her kiddos!

We went to the dog park today and got everyone out and about and exercised! Now we are at home resting and blogging before naps are over! Hope your Sunday afternoon is great!

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Beth said...

Adorable pics of you and the sweet kiddos! Aaron looks like he has grown more since I was there! Love you sweet girl!