Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The 411

So as you can guess I have been pretty busy lately, what with a newborn and toddler and trying to figure out our new routine for life! On top of all that Thursday I discovered that I have a MRSA infection! Can you believe that??? Seriously! I discovered the boil (isn't boil an awful word?) on Wednesday night and thought it was a pimple on my side by my bra strap because the MRSA was like 6-8 weeks ago. Then Thursday morning it was very inflamed and hard, so my SIL got me in at her clinic and they drained it and I am on antibiotics three times a day for 14 days. We are back to bleaching everything and washing everything a bunch of times. I am just praying that Aaron doesn't get it. I am also waiting for his circumcision ring to fall of any day now. I am a lil worried about that too because the dr said about 5-7 days and tomorrow is day 8. I spoke with the nurse about it and she said to give it a couple of more days.

Otherwise he is a healthy and most darling lil boy ever. He is so cuddly and asleep in my lap now. He is so good he just eats and sleeps and eats and sleeps. He still has his days and night mixed up and occasionally a fussy period but generally he is a easy babe.

Sorry no new pictures of Aaron, I will try to get my camera and download the pics I have. But I thought this pic was hilarious of Grace a couple weeks ago of her putting her hat on Briggs! Look at her lil tummy! Poor Briggs he is so tolerant of her!
Also here is a video I took of Grace at the park a week or so ago. The lil ducky was so stiff it didn't move anymore.

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