Sunday, November 14, 2010

One Month Old

Aaron is now 1 month old as of yesterday! I took these first 2 pictures of him tonight.
I took these pics this morning, poor Aaron was fussing but Grace wanted to hold him so bad! She is such a good big sister, she kissed him and then she also was patting him, saying night night.

Look at her lil arm go!

We got lunch after we picked up Aaron's birth certificates last week (we need them to fly) and Daddy and Grace shared an ice cream cone!

This was taken on the 7th, in his lil pumpkin outfit. Its still Fall so he can be a pumpkin, besides it zips instead of snaps so sometimes that's faster!

Aaron you are 1 month old and just these last several days you seem to be more alert and awake gazing at your world. You've also been holding your head up more. Your still my cuddle boy and enjoy being held. Last night you slept really good too, starting with an almost 3 hour stretch, you went 11:40, 3:15, 6ish to 9am. Then you were up till about Noon, when we took you out in the car. Of course you were a goner then and passed out till 3 and again till six. Mommy is hoping for a good long stretch tonight! Your such a sweet boy!


Beth said...

Oh, he is changing and filling out! So adorable! Can't wait to sunggle him again!

Alyssa Marie said...

Congrats my dear on the one month old! He's adorable. :) It's so fun to check your blog and see two beautiful munchkins. :)