Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day

It's almost Mother's Day and I wanted to post some pictures of the mom's in my family who have helped shape me into the mom I am. This is my Nana, my mom's mom, and Grace in November when we visited SD last. Here she is holding Aaron. My Nana and I share the same birthday. I was her first grandchild born on her birthday and we have a special relationship that I enjoy so much. My Nana is an amazing woman of God, she has a tender heart that I love and respect immensely. She is beautiful and sweet and gracious to everyone. She helped raise 3 children the first of which is my mother.

This is my mom. She helped raise 4 children of which I am the first. Here she is with Grace and Aaron in October after he was born. My mom is strong and independent, loving and generous. She is so beautiful. She is always there for me when I need her and someone I can talk to about all things. My mom is great and helped me to be a great mom.

These are my awesome children. My youngest almost 7 month old Aaron. Such a tender hearted little boy. His smile melts my heart, because it's like a light in the darkness. He can be so solemn in his observing that when he flashes his baby blues and gummy grin, I melt away.

He is becoming more and more active reaching for stuff and trying to support himself. Trying to pull himself up when he is in the pack n play. He can sit perfectly well 99% of time and only seems to fall when he is really reaching for a toy out of his reach on his blanket. He sleeps through the night all the time now and gets awesome naps during the day (well except for today when his wailing woke Grace up...). He gets me up early every morning between 6-7am, which I am fine with because the sun is up since we are approaching summer, and since he naps well now. He still nurses good and eats his baby food like a champ. He will take a paci now during the day when he is not about to go to sleep, but he only takes the Soothie Paci's and doesn't like the Nuk ones. We will have to try those again now that he is more into the Paci's. He is talking lots now with lots of grunts and exclamations, very important things he is saying I am sure. He is wearing 9 month clothes and has the sweetest blond hair coming in.

I love my "Air Bear"...

Oh and he looks like his daddy. :)

This is my daughter Grace, my firstborn, sweet precious little 2 year old girl. She is fiercely independent, a tomboy who loves rocks and sticks and dirt. She loves being outside and helping her dad or me. But yet she loves her necklaces, her babies, her dollhouse. She loves her purse and her phones (yes she has many)(and she comes from a long line of woman who like to talk). She also loves to read and be the center of attention. Just last night we went out to dinner at Buca Di Beppo and were part of a large party. Grace made a beeline for some grandparents and stayed with them the whole night while we ate at the other end of the table. (It was great, like having free babysitting) She gets along with everybody and is every one's best friend if you'll have her.

I was trying to take a picture of her curly hair here. I put her hair in buns and it's curly of course after I take them out.

Grace is so sweet and loves her brother. She is a wonderful big sister who loves helping me with Aaron or other children whether in her playgroup or the kids I tend in the afternoons. She is a daddy's girl too, and loves playing with daddy and feeding him something from her kitchen or playing dress up with her magnetic dress up doll.

She is so smart, she already knows so many colors and can count to five. She knows a lot of letters too and recognizes her "A-B's" when she sees letters on shirts or when I write with the sidewalk chalk. Grace loves to sing and her favorite songs right now are the Wheels on the bus or Happy Birthday which she sings, "Happy to yooouuu, Happy to yooouuu"

I was thinking the other day, about Mother's Day. I was thinking that right now at this moment in my life, I love being a mom. I really do. I love changing diapers, (well that's because I have really cool cloth diapers.. hee hee) I love making snacks and going to the park. I love getting up and making breakfast. I love hearing, "Whatcha doin mom?" 500 times a day. (Really I probably do hear that, that often) I absolutely love listening to my children babble. I love hearing them cry because I am their mom and I know what they need. I love tiny little zip up sneakers. I love pig tails. I love bath time. I love going to the grocery store. I love kissing fake owies better. I love getting the mail and sitting on the floor and building leggos. I love throwing the bouncy ball, and playing hide and seek. I love doing a ton of kid laundry that they outgrow so fast. I love munching on ticklish baby ribs. I love nursing in my bed. I love climbers climbing into my bed and then jumping on it. I love my husband who helped me make these perfect children and who works so hard so I can be home to enjoy them everyday! (Thanks Babe!) I love everything about being a mom right now! I love my mom! And I love that I get to sleep in tomorrow and have breakfast in bed!

Happy Mother's Day...isn't it just the best???


Bruce Vicker said...

You are an awesome Mom and you learned from the best!!! Happy Mother's Day, Ashley!!!

Beth said...

I love you so much! Grace and Aaron are very blessed to have you as their mama! You are amaazing! xoxo