Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

Since last weekend Aaron has been sleeping through the night consistently and he has also been getting up earlier. So on Sunday we made it to early service (yay!) and then decided since it was so pretty out to grab some lunch and the stroller and head to a park and a trail. It was more windy than we thought but we still had a good time. We let Grace play at the park first and at the time the lil swing was taken so she used a big kid swing.

We just took Kayla with us (and later wished we had taken both or left both because Briggs got out of his crate with the bar dropped down, and opened the laundry door and then came upstairs and got into the trash) and she was a great girl. Here she is laying down while all the kids ran around. All the kids wanted to pet the "wolf"..ha ha she was such a good dog.

Playing and playing and playing.

Eating our snack on our walk.

Such a cutie pie, eating peanut brittle.

Being "shy" when I asked to take her picture.

Sweet boy.

So yesterday I started babysitting a friend of ours kids in the afternoons. She works a job where you have to bid for your shift every 6 months, and they are trying to buy a house as well. So they really needed someone for a couple of months while they look for a house, to watch the kids from like 1:30-6:30 MTW and maybe F's. She drops them off and then her hubby picks them up. So far it is working good! I know today is only the second day but we had a great day! Of course Aaron slept through the night but he woke up at 6:30am so we were up. I was able to get an awesome workout in (4 miles and 550 calories)while Aaron slept for 2 hours (again) for his morning nap. Got the bedrooms vacuumed and the shower cleaned. Prepped for dinner at lunchtime and got ready for the kids to nap and the kids to come over. Grace and Aaron go down at 1:30 and slept great and Aaron slept for another 2 hour nap!! It was great! I am watching a 4 1/2 year old, 2 1/2 year old and 3 month old. We are still trying to get T (the 2 1/2 year old) to come in and try to nap at 1:30, but its only day 2. Grace LOVES playing with the kids, she could play with them all day. Anyway Aaron played on the floor (he sits up so good now) and baby V slept in the papasan chair while the big kids played outside. They have so much fun.

On a side note I am going to stop giving Aaron his meds, this morning I nursed him and then gave him his meds and about 25 minutes later he spit up what seemed like everything! Then that happened again tonight I gave him his meds and then nursed him and put him to bed awake. He fussed a little bit later and I went in to soothe him and there was a huge spit up spot, that I had to clean up. So I concluded that his meds aren't helping anymore.

I can't believe how big he is getting. Oh and he is so interested in the baby. I was holding both of them yesterday and he kept reaching for the baby. He is the big boy now compared to little V. Anyway it is supposed to be nice tomorrow and we are going to go to the park with playgroup and then Thursday it is supposed to be like 70 degrees! Yay!

Also we purchased a dual screen portable DVD player for the car ride to SD and it came today. I let Grace listen to the radio on her new headphones today! Oh my goodness her face was priceless she is so cute!

Well that is all I can think about for now! We are watching Tron and I should be wrapping up!


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