Monday, May 30, 2011

Camping 101

We took our first camping trip with the whole family this Memorial Day weekend. We rented a tent trailer and left the dogs at home, with my sister in law. We hit the road on Thursday and headed down south. Our destination was Torrey, UT. I had never been there before but the hubby has some extended family down there and it worked out great. We were able to have hookups for the trailer the whole time, which meant heat for one.
The weather was actually pretty good considering that it always rains and snows on Memorial day weekend,it was nice in Torrey just really really windy. Which made us realize that if and when we do ever purchase some kind of trailer, it will be some kind of motorhome. The wind blew that tent trailer a lot and that was the worst part of the trip. It was about 70 degrees everyday except this morning.
We got to go off roading and look at some beautiful countryside, we also got to go swimming in a pool and Grace and Aaron both loved that!
The kids did pretty well with the camping and sleeping outside and such... considering it was the first time and all. We did discover that Grace is a bit claustrophobic...although it didn't occur to us until our last night camping. She did wake up a lot during our trip. But on the last day she woke up about 9pmish just screaming for me and couldn't be consoled. She would just work herself up over and over again. Finally it occurred to me that she is such an active sleeper (and the night before had fallen off the bed) that she might be waking up scared in the confining sleeping bag. I personally don't like having my legs trapped and I know my grandmother is claustrophobic, so maybe its a bit genetic? But once I settled her down and let her lay on top of her bag she was quiet. (We were worried though that she would get cold, but apparently she was fine). Oh and by the way it was an adult sleeping bag that she was using. We bought a new 2 person sleeping bag back when I was pregnant with Grace with a gift card, and so she was using hubby's old one from when he was 15. That night was frustrating because when Grace woke up, then she woke Aaron up and then we got him back asleep, but then she woke him up again. Finally they were both asleep about 10pm. I came to the conclusion that for the future reference that Aaron probably won't wake Grace up, but she probably will wake him up. So I think they will continue sleeping in separate rooms for a while longer.
Aaron is still not sleeping through the night. He is waking up one or sometimes 2 times during the night. I just nurse him and put him back down since we weren't at home to really try anything else. Poor kid on the way back home today (it was only about 3-4 hr drive) he started crying and we noticed his voice is hoarse. So both kids have humidifiers running in their rooms now, and got Aquaphor on the little dry faces and inside their noses.
However, Grace had a blast! The girl loves camping and being outside. I have some pictures and will try to get those uploaded tomorrow while I do laundry. I will tell you all about where we stayed and such.
Sorry I haven't had time to get any new pictures up, I will try to do that soon! Glad to be home!

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Joshua J said...

Fun! JJ loves hiking. Maybe we need to see how he feels about camping...