Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quick Update

Hey all,
I just wanted to drop a line and say I haven't forgotten about my blog! We have been so busy with Mother's Day, then trying to plant our garden before our trip to SD, then getting ready for our trip to SD, then going to SD and getting back. Hubby had to go to Idaho before our trip and he is back there again tonight and he probably will have to go to CO next week. We got back from SD late Sunday night and then I really only have the mornings to get stuff done before I have to tend kids in the afternoons now. Then we had our small group BBQ and got home late from that. Also Aaron hasn't been back to sleeping through the night yet, (in SD he woke up twice a night, he had an ear infection) and then last night I was sick. Weird I thought I was getting the flu because I was totally aching and had chills and I think I sweat ed enough water to make a person, but woke up feeling better, so that was good. So we are still trying to get acclimated to being back home. We also have our first family camping trip planned for a long Memorial Day weekend, assuming the weather works out for us. We are planning on renting a tent trailer, but not sure how warm that will keep us (the kiddos) at night, so we may scrap the trip too, it just depends...
Anyways, don't have the energy to get my vacation pics uploaded now, but will tomorrow hopefully, along with more details of what we have been up too! Love and Hugs!

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