Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New pics I think

So I wasn't sure it I had already posted this picture of Grace, but bought her this outfit on clearance at Target. She looks so big here, no longer a baby, but growing into a little girl! Here she is watching her "show" on our way to SD!

My sweet little boy just the other day wearing the new 12 month pj's that his Memaw got him! They fit perfectly when I put them on him, and he is only 7 months (however after wearing them now for a couple days they will have room for him to grow). (So serious my little observing Aaron is)

Today in the stroller we all went for a walk to the elementary school around the corner, they have a nice playground and I wore the kids out!

Ok to be honest..I couldn't be bothered to find the camera cord. (So I uploaded these from my phone tonight) I still haven't unpacked from our trip to San Diego..which happens to be good as we decided to go camping tomorrow. So I am sure the camera cord is somewhere and I will find it and get the pics uploaded..just not tonight. But I do plan on taking a lot when we go camping. I am excited to go camping. I researched and looked into tent trailers and we have one rented. So we will have heat at night and it's supposed to be nice (in the mid 70's-80's) during the day. We may or may not take the dogs with us. Although I am leaning to leaving them right now...but I do know they missed us last week and what dog doesn't like to go camping??? We just can't have them in the trailer and I worry about how they would do sleeping outside. Tomorrow we pick up the trailer at 11am and I have groceries to get and lists to write!

Time to get to bed!


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Beth said...

I'm so excited for you all to go camping! I remember camping with you and C (you two were Grace and Aaron's age) in our little overhead truck camper. Have an awesome time! xoxo