Sunday, August 14, 2011

10 months old!

Yesterday my tender hearted son turned 10 months old. It has been 10 months since I have worked at the bank, and it has been 10 months that I have gotten to stay home and do mommy stuff all the time. And after 10 months I still love it! This little jailbird here is growing so fast. He is the faster crawler ever! He loves to put his head down and crawl and break neck speeds towards the dogs water bowl or to be "chased". He loves to pull himself up on everything!! Mostly me and especially when I am trying to cook dinner. The last week you would have heard this around my house, "Hey Honey??!! Can you come get the baby??!! I can't cook with him clinging to my leg!" Then my sweet husband comes and grabs him while I cook a yummy dinner. Tonight they went outside and daddy filled up the little inflatable pool I got and they played in the pool for about an 45 minutes while I cooked. We had tried to go swimming at Aunt Crystal's new apartment place but that fell through so we just hung out with them but the kids were in their swim suits most of the afternoon so it worked to let them swim tonight. Plus its still hot out. Let me tell you, Aaron LOVES the water way more than Grace ever did at this age. He will play and splash and crawl and practically drown himself in that pool or the bathtub for that matter! Daddy hadn't gotten the pool all the way filled up yet tonight before Aaron was crawling in it. And K tried a couple of times to get him out and let him play in the grass and dry out he kept going back for more! (I think he is like his mama with that regard)

He also is a bit of a picky eater compared to Grace who loves slurping spinach, asparagus and brussel sprouts. He has to have his meat cubed, don't use a serrated knife to cut his meat up! No way! It must have a nice clean edge, no shredded pork for him or torn pieces of hot dogs, they all must be little sliced circles for him to enjoy. Oh and he sure does love fruit and yogurt, grapes, strawberries, and melon are all of his favorite. But like Grace he isn't a big condiment fan. Neither one of them much prefers their food bathed in mayo, mustard ketchup or BBQ sauce and forget fry sauce or ranch!

His sleeping patterns are still erratic although I am going to work really hard at trying to stick to a strict naptime for him and we will see what happens. He just goes and goes sometimes and doesn't sleep. At church this morning they asked, "Is it ok if he goes to sleep?" We were like, "Sure! If you think you can get him to!" Especially since he was awake at 630am and didn't get a morning nap because of church. Yeah way too much going on at church for him to sleep. But he is always a sweet heart with whoever is holding him. He loves mama, but will be fine with anybody as long as they are holding him. And actually he will play contentedly by himself for a little while if you sit there with him too. But Grace tends to leave him alone and if I am cleaning or walking back and forth between rooms he doesn't like that.

His personality is coming through more and more. He is such a ham! I don't know where he gets that at all!! LOL! He loves to rock back and forth like he is dancing if I turn a song up and dance with him in his high chair. And he will do this bashful head shake thing while he smiles that is just adorable. Also I started playing a game with his paci with him the other night and it was cracking me up! I took his paci and sucked on it real fast and then he grabs it out of my mouth. When it comes out I go, "Ha!" and make a face and he just cracks up laughing! Then he puts the paci back into my mouth and we do it all over again!

I think he was/is going through a growth spurt because of how he was sleeping late a lot last week and how he has been eating a ton of food! I make him the same size sandwich for lunch as Grace but just cut off the crusts and cut it into little bite size squares so he can swallow it easier. (He still has no teeth) and he eats it all and tons of fruit or avocado or maybe some yogurt raisins. He is just a chow hound lately. Plus an afternoon snack, and then tonight he and Grace both ate a ton of the Chicken with Sage and Fontina I made. (New recipe and it was delicious, or as Grace would say, A-licious!)

I just can't believe how big my children are getting. I can't believe Grace is practically potty trained and how good she talks and learns things. She is so smart and picks up on everything! Aaron is so smart too and he "gets" when you joke and act silly with him. Today he even took a lunging step toward the coffee table at Aunt Crystals place and made it!

I am already planning Aaron's birthday party and it should be a fun time! I got a frog mold off of Amazon and going to try to make chocolate frog pops. I think it should be pretty easy, I will let you all know how it goes after I do a practice round or two.

Well its getting on towards bed time and K has to head off to CO tomorrow for the week. :(

Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend like we did!

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