Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Today was an eventful day. Last night Aaron was up a 100 times it seemed. He was up at 230, and then 330, then 430-530 with sporadic whine crying and finally up for good at 630. Yesterday his eye was bloodshot and watery but this morning it looked normal. However since the horrible night I decided to take him into the pediatrician this morning. Turns out he is healthy and fine, no ear infections or anything. Which is good, great. Why all the drama and trama then?? I wish I knew. He has always been a bad napper it seems, I keep hoping for a breakthrough, a revelation of understanding, for how to get him to take 2 good naps, or at the very least one good nap a day. He isn't even a year yet! He can still take 2 naps a day! The mornings I can get a good hour or hour and half nap especially if he wakes up early. However the afternoon when Grace is still napping he lasts for about 40 minutes-and hour and a half again. Only one time can I think of that he napped for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. And actually that can flip flop around too, bad morning naps and decent afternoon naps.

Then this afternoon he went down and cooed and then he cried himself asleep and slept for just under 40 minutes before he woke up crying. He has a very sad whiny heartbreaking cry. So I went in gave him some little Tummies some water and his paci again and tucked him back in. Again he cried for about 5 minutes and then fell back to sleep for about another 40 minutes so that was pretty good. And I have been putting him to bed early since his afternoon naps have been bad.

I think he is waking up and can't put himself back to sleep and then he realizes he is by himself in the crib and that works him up. The problem is how do you walk that fine line of teaching him to self soothe and quickly going into his room and shushing him before he really gets himself worked up? I don't mind getting up and soothing him for a few seconds but I also don't want him to become dependent on me running in there as soon as he cries.

Grace pointed out to me today that Aaron was clapping. He is so smart. I said Aaron are you clapping and he starts clapping. Hopefully this video I took with my phone will work.

The hubby is out of town this week. It's only Tuesday and he is having a rough week so far. His shoes are giving him some bad blisters, he has no rental car, he got sunburned on Monday and he has to be out of town next week and the week after. :( We miss him, but I think he misses us more being all by himself.

Play group tomorrow and hopefully the grocery and maybe some afternoon pool time for Grace and Aaron.

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Beth said...

Awwww, that is so cute! Can't wait to see them again. I hope he sleeps better for you sweetie. I love you!