Sunday, August 28, 2011

Birthday Weekend

Some of these pictures are not from this weekend but I wanted to post them anyway. This picture of Grace was maybe from the beginning of the corn on the cob eater-summer 2011. Why she reclines when she eats corn on the cob I don't know. And that's not her beer there just fyi, she has the pink sippy cup. Another phone pic for daddy..

Tonight we went to Wingers for dinner-had to get my doubled sauced bacon cheddar wingers burger, and they sang to me. Kent told them I was 32 and the guy yells, "Hey everybody this young lady is 61 today lets wish her a happy birthday!" LOL it was hilarious but then Aaron started crying his poor little baby eyes out. Of course some yummy Asphalt Pie helped. Asphalt pie has his most favorite mint n chip ice cream on an oreo cookie crust with caramel sauce and whipped cream on it. He looks ok to me...

My big girl! Before dinner we went to Costco. We needed swiffer pads and toilet paper and I got Grace a new pair of 3T pj's that have cupcakes on them. She looked so big in them tonight and was thrilled to be wearing them. With her new haircut and new pj's and her little articulate vocabulary asking me Why? every other minute, this girl is getting so big!

After dinner we walked around the strip mall and they have a splash park fountain area and Aaron loved it! Yes Aaron, Grace is a little hesitant, but my boy dives in face first and worries about drowning himself later. :P He was crawling around and having a good ole time getting drenched. He was getting right in there with all the big kids-no stopping him when it comes to water!

I had a great birthday weekend, lots of sleeping in and good food that I didn't have to cook! Thanks for all the well wishes and love everyone!

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