Friday, August 12, 2011

Wedding and what we have been up to

These are pictures that I took with our camera from my sister in laws wedding last week. I tried and tried to get a cute picture of Grace in her dress but as you can see she was having a ball running around.

My boy.

My man, so handsome.

Grace and her pal.

The brother in law and sister in law and my nephews. You can't tell but they one on the way due in October, boy #3! (Check out the hot pink socks-in memory their father)

We went to Wheeler Farm on Tuesday and Grace got to check out the farm with her buddies A and L.

Holding hands with her little friend. Lately Grace has been all about boys. She will see boys playing, riding bikes and scooters and say, "Where did those boys go mom?" Funny thing is she never mentions any girls! I might be in trouble... hee hee.

Herding the kids.

Aaron hanging out at the farm.

I took this picture this morning, can you see what Aaron is standing on? He climbed up onto the ball of the popper toy.

I have been back to working out and do 4 miles at least 3 days a week. The beginning of the week Aaron slept until past 8am 2 days in a row. Then today he had a good morning nap but had a horrible afternoon nap and so I got him back up. I put him back down around 415pm and he cried and cried and finally fell asleep for a half hour before Grace stomped around in the hallway and woke him up. Tomorrow Grandma is babysitting and K and I are going to go to dinner and a movie. Which is perfect timing because next week K has to go out of town.

Another cute Grace expression, when we tell her some news that she will like, "That be exciting!" Oh and she loves telling you her full name. We will say Grace, your silly. And she will reply.."No I Grace ____ ____! "

She is learning to say her ABC's and doing super with her potty training. She hasn't had an accident in forever it seems. She knows how to buckle the top part of her seat belt and is so proud of that. She loves being 'bare feet' and can't wait for her birthday, even though its still months away. Tomorrow my sweet young son turns 10 months old, the time sure does fly doesn't it! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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