Thursday, August 25, 2011

Not really on the ball...

So I know I have not been updating my blog as frequently as I normally do. And there hasn't really been anything going on lately to be an excuse, just laziness I guess. Although I did take our camera somewhere a couple of weeks ago and it had been in the truck until today, when I made a point of bringing it in. This week my blog has been in the back of my mind as something I want to update and I kept thinking I need to get the camera so I can get some good pictures of my kiddos.

So I took this one tonight right before bed to send to daddy. Grace was so cute, she said Cheese about a billion times and Aaron was looking at me like Mommy what are you doing. I have been putting Aaron to bed early a lot lately because he is napping so bad in combination with getting up around 5am still. I was previously thinking that he was waking up and experiencing some separation anxiety and just needed to be shushed to sleep. However the last 2 days have not been the case at all. Aaron is on to me! He woke up around 520ish and I tried to settle him down, (which in the past has been decently easy) but he was NOT having it. So I stuck him back in bed this morning and he whine cried until 6am where I got him again and nursed him and hoped he would go back to sleep. Which thankfully he did until almost 8am. Which was great, but I so could do without the continual 5am wake up call. 5am is just too early for this night owl. Especially since his naps are not too long during the day. My prayer is that he sleeps straight through until 7am.
My sweet girl loving herself some, "Micka-Donalds".

Aaron with a mouthful of chicken nuggets. He is such a weird eater. He loves chicken nuggets and he can really wolf some food down if he likes it or wants too. However sometimes it really takes him some time to almost warm up to the idea of eating. Unless of course it has some kind of sugar in it. He seems to have a 6th sense for sweet treats! We went to get frozen yogurt with daddy the other night and K was holding him while I got a couple of samples to try. Aaron was practically mashing his face into the little sample cup of yogurt and had a death grip on K's forearm pulling it towards him. But I can offer him something new like a yummy mozzarella stick (which you would think, what kid wouldn't like??) and he won't even touch it. I went to Los Betos tonight and was hemming and hawing about whether to satisfy my burrito craving because I wasn't sure if the kids would eat Los Betos. So I got a chicken quesadilla and some rice for the kids to share. It took him awhile but the kid wolfed down some chicken! And the other night all he wanted was cold green beans.

My friend who has a little boy a little younger than Grace just gifted us with a TON of little boy clothes because they are done having kids and she was spring cleaning. We got some 12 month and some 24 month clothes, but let me tell you all we now have plenty of sized 18month winter clothes. Which include about 30 long sleeved shirts and 30 pants and about 5 jackets. We have 1 pair of 18 month pajamas. So this boy will be set by the time the snow flies this season. There will be some stuff we will have to get like shoes and hats and pj's and such, but otherwise this winter Aaron will be set!

I can't believe how big my kids are getting. Grace is becoming so grown up. She puts her shoes on all by herself now. She just sits down and says, "This right foot?" And she doesn't always get it right of course, but the fact that she can do it is awesome. She can almost open the sliding glass door by herself. Sometimes its closed too tight and she can't. She goes potty by herself and can buckle her top buckle on her car seat all by herself too. Every night when we tuck her in we say prayers and then we have to sing a song. Usually You are My Sunshine and then Jesus Loves Me. And during the day she will sing her ABC's to herself and Rock a By Baby. So precious, I have been meaning to record it because I don't ever want to forget that sweet precious little voice.

Aaron is becoming more and more vocal just this week. He will grunt and kind of scream when he gets mad. Especially when Grace takes a toy away from him, and he yelled at me tonight when I got him out of the bath. He was not done playing!!! Also he has been standing a lot hands free the past couple of days. Just figuring out his balance and practising over and over again. Such a sweet boy...

Tomorrow is Friday, thank goodness, and K will be home. I know he has a hard and long week and will be glad to be home. And I will be glad to have him home this weekend. I am looking forward to a relaxing birthday weekend. We may go to Liberty park after church on Sunday and just hand out and BBQ, just depends on whether I want to actually do something or veg out all weekend. Next week is the last week K will be gone so we are over halfway there! I can't believe summer is almost went by too quickly. I am kind of bummed that summer is almost over but then kind of excited for Aaron's 1st birthday. Boy how time flies!

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