Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Birthday Fun

Came back from playgroup yesterday and there was a couple of packages on the porch.  The kids got their rain boots from their Nana in the mail.  Needless to say Grace was thrilled about her boots and showed them off.
 Aaron showed me his too, they are big on him still and he was having a bit of trouble walking in them, but I am sure they will be just fine in time for the rain.
 The other package was these pretty flowers from my little brother! Such a nice birthday surprise and the kids loved the bubble wrap!
 This peanut is getting so big! So today we had her 4 month appointment.  Her weight was 14 lbs 14 ounces, which actually seemed lighter to me since when I weighed her I got 18 lbs.  And I think she was 26 inches long...shoot, I can't remember for sure and I am not getting the paperwork, but she was like in the 89% for height and average for weight, so another long baby.  This week I have been putting her sleeveless sleep sack on her and the using her baby legs on her arms because her arms are so long they stretch out of her pjs and get cold.  It seems to be working.  The other good thing is she has been taking a paci kind of at naps.  Yesterday and today I stuck it in her mouth when I laid her down and she immediately started sucking on it! No gagging.  Of course when I gave her rice cereal with apple juice she made a terrible face as she kind of gagged on it and then spit it out.  Really? Who doesn't like apple juice?  Yeah I bought apple juice so her rice cereal wouldn't be bland and boring, we did it with the other two and she makes horrible faces for me today.  Whatever, I guess we will wait some more before we try that again.  She is so into observing everything though!  I can't get her to keep nursing because she has to crank that head around and see what those big brother and sister of hers are doing.  I am going to have to get serious about quiet time when I am nursing so I can actually get her to finish a full feeding, and we can go longer between feedings.

 You can kind of see she is getting blond hair like her brother.
 Ok I love these kids! So cute they were cheesin it up for me on the couch! Playing with Mr. Potato Head.
 Showing me her lil guy..
 Showing me his block!  Ok Aaron's teeth take forever to come in.  He has had those 4 gaps there forever! And the top right tooth for that space has been trying to come in for so long now.  But seriously..those blond curls and those cheeks and grin??? Melts a momma's heart!
Even though we didn't do anything special for my birthday it was a blast and then last night I had a great run on the treadmill.  So far I am down 13.5 pounds and am hopeful that a birthday week didn't mess me up too bad when I weigh myself on Friday morning instead of Saturday.  K comes home tomorrow afternoon and then we head west for our vacation Friday morning...I can't wait!

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Beth said...

Oh, these pics are all so good! Sarah is changing...look at that blond hair!! My adorable grandbabies! I can't wait to see you all!