Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Week

We had playgroup this morning and it was so nice to get together with our friends again. Grace showing off her new cap from her Great Grandpa.
 We went to the mall this weekend just to get out of the house and they have this little train that drives around the inside of the mall.  The kids have been wanting to ride it so we let them this time and they LOVED it!  Sarah was cracking me up because she was just wide eyed and taking it all in.  Sunday night she slept from 9pm-6:30am! It was so nice because I got some rest and felt refreshed to start P90X on Monday.  So yesterday I did Chest and Back and am feeling it in my arms and chest and even my abs today-which is great!!
 Look at those excited faces!
Oh it's so late and I need to get some rest.  Till tomorrow.

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