Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Sarah and Grace just adore each other, well actually Aaron adores Grace too.  I love how all my kids love to play together.  Grace was showing Sarah her 'letters' on the computer and Sarah was paying close attention.

 Hi Mom, why do you keep making that bright light?
 I found some new pj's at Childrens Place for Aaron that were a 3T that were only 2.99 because they were an old print, so I scoured the same rack hoping to find another pair for Sarah that was also 2.99.  These were not, (9.99) but they were super cute Easter print and they are size 12-18 months! She is getting so big! She is almost walking! A few times now she has stood straight up and balanced for a minute.  I think she will be taking her first steps soon! (Although I thought she was going to be walking before 9 months but guess she wasn't quite ready.)
 Grace has this bear that had this hanker chief on it and she was playing with it so I tied it on my head like this and of course she wanted the same thing.  She looks like a little motorcycle rider here.
 Hi sweet boy! The kids got sick again on Saturday night.  They have congestion and yucky coughs and fever's.  I ended up taking Sarah to the ER on Sunday night as her fever was just under 104.  Her nose was so congested they had to suck it out with a catheter and they said it was the thickest mucus they had seen this season. Poor baby.  We were there until 3am and then she would only sleep with me. Monday night I raised her crib and stuck a big pillow in Aaron's so they would be able to breath better and I think it helped.  Once Aaron actually got to sleep he slept good and didn't wake.  Sarah also slept good, until 3am. And then until 7am (which I think Aaron woke her with his crying. He coughed this morning and it hurt him and he started crying)  I slept ok, got up with the dogs at 2am and then my face was so congested it felt like someone had punched me in the cheek it was just throbbing.  But the kids seem to be feeling better today, although I am all congested and have itchy eyes. K feels so so and I thought that this morning, that Grace was getting it too, but so far she hasn't.  Which is good, I need one healthy kid. 
 Took this picture with K's phone the other week. Kind of hard to see my skinny legs now but there they are.  Although I did get a new phone so maybe I can take a better picture.  I took my before pictures on Sunday for P90X but then of course was in the ER with the baby and didn't get any sleep and then am sick myself so I haven't started on Monday like I wanted.  I may just post pone it until next week and do some Insanity workouts in the meantime if I feel better. Time to hit the rack, though.  The hubs worked another crazy day 6am-8pm.

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