Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Playtime and This and That

This has been the kids new favorite thing to play with.  The dollhouse isn't new but one of the big kids brought it out to the fireplace the other day and Sarah loves playing with it.  She loves opening the door and playing with the little toilet.  I love when all 3 of them play together, it just warms my heart.
Tonight we had small group and we are doing a new study on marriage called Love and Respect.  It was really good and I am looking forward to the following weeks.  It's basically about how men need respect and women need love and it's like a cycle, the more respect you show a man then the more love he will show you and so and so forth.  But then how the opposite is true as well....anyway we've only just started.
It's snowing again now, another big storm..yay. I'm over it. Ready for spring. 
Going to try to find a toddler bed for Aaron...he can't climb out of the crib yet, but I think it will help with his big boy independence.  And potty training.
Did my 3rd workout in P90X today and still loving it and the variety. Worked out shoulders and arms and then did abs. So good!

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Beth said...

so cute...Aaron has his tools out...maybe a home improvement project? Love the pic of them all playing!