Monday, October 25, 2010

These are my Children....

....aren't they incredibly precious? I know its been awhile sense I updated my blog with some pictures and what we have been up too. Well Friday we went back to the dr and he cleared our sweet boy from the jaundice and we didn't even have to have another blood test. Pepaw sent this blankie to Aaron so he could have one just like Grace! Its so cute and I had to take a pic of him in the bouncer chair with it over him just like Grace as well.

Today we received a sweet gift for Aaron and Grace (can't leave big sister out) from their Great Auntie and Uncle. So I had Grace say Thank You and hug and kiss her lil lamb she got. So in the first pic she is saying Thank You (she actually was).

And here she is giving it a big hug and if you look close you can see her pig tails!

Grace loves her new brother and loves to kiss him good night or good morning and then rub his head. Sometimes we have to be a lil careful about pulling on his tiny hands and arms but she wanted to hold him yesterday morning so we took some pictures.

Aren't they adorable? Well I adore them anyway!

Tomorrow we have Aaron's official 2 week check up at noon, although he will be 2 weeks old on Wednesday. On Friday his weight was 6 pounds 12 ounces so hopefully he will be back up to his birth weight. He has been bursing for longer periods of time.
Last night it snowed! We had driven down to Kents mom house to celebrate his cousins birthday. And it was cold all day and rainy too, on Saturday and Sunday. Around 3 am I was up with Aaron and the storm was raging! It sounded like it was hailing and the wind was just going. Sure enough the grass was covered with snow this morning.
Supposedly it is supposed to get nicer by the middle of the week, so I am hoping to go to a pumpkin patch or corn maze on Wednesday.
As for me I got to get to bed kinda early because I felt wiped out this morning. And had a small sinus headache most of the day. I did have plans to take a hot bath and a nap while Grace and Aaron were napping today. However that didn't happen, well the nap anyways. I ate lunch, had a nice hot bath on a cold fall blustery day. Then went to crawl into bed when my lil man started to fuss. I think he may have wanted to snuggle because I picked him and soothed him and then he was fine. Of course that meant Grace had to wake up early from her nap!
Aside from being tired I am feeling good and practically back into my skinny jeans! Yay! The scales says I am at my prepregnancy weight but I think the uterus still has some shrinking to do before I get back into those jeans. Maybe another week? It will be nice to be able to wear normal clothes again!
Well my early bed time is slipping away...gotta jam!


Beth said...

They are the most adorable children! And I am counting the days until I see them, hold them and snuggle them! Hope your sinus headache is gone, sweetie! Bravo for getting back to pre-pregnancy weight so soon!!


your kiddos are so sweet and adorable ash...a little jealous :).
so i have things to tell you, and dont know if i have your email!
1) ran into jaime (used to be dahl) at a wedding a few weeks ago, got to meet her lovely kids and hubby! shes doing well and would love to catch up with you too - only wants you to get a facebook to do so! haha...
2) also through that encounter, got back in touch with kristen via facebook who said the same thing...GET A FACEBOOK! :)
3) when you come out here to so cal soon...perhaps we can get together and do a family photo shoot? i've been loving doing so for the bell's and other friends, and would love to get some fun shots for you guys as well if you'll let me :). plus, then you can maybe meet my man :)... let me know!
love you, miss you, sending hugs and kisses your way!