Saturday, June 4, 2011

New kiddo Pics

Hey everyone. Daddy got back home from CO yesterday and he did in fact have the camera cord in his computer bag. I finally got all the pics downloaded from our San Diego trip and camping. These pics here are from just the other day. I decided to post these real quick to satiate you till I can do longer posts.
I stick Aaron in Grace's crib when I am on getting Grace read for bed after baths when Daddy is out of town. I always do him first (1. because he is little and doesn't want to be naked like she does, and 2. he doesn't take as long) Anyway he can totally pull himself up now in her crib.
He was so proud of himself. If you could hear him, he would be panting exuberantly here. So cute!

I took this of Grace and she was trying to get a ball or something out of his toy. She didn't want me taking the picture.

Unlike here where she totally was hamming it for the camera. She kept hanging on my arm after the bath and saying cheese.

I couldn't get any real good ones with her actually looking at the camera and smiling, however they are so cute just as they are.

After we brush her teeth we will press our cheeks together like in this one and say cheese to each other in the mirror. She is a card sometimes!

Here is the sweet boy again!

Aaron is on the verge of crawling, he did scoot forward tonight before he went to his tummy. He is so ready to be crawling, in his mind I think he thinks he can, but then realizes he is not quite strong enough yet. His arms get tired. But he is building their strength and soon soon he will be crawling. He gets so excited about stuff that sometimes he almost dive bombs out of my arms if he sees something on the floor that he wants.

We started potty training with Grace the last couple of days. Memaw sent some cute Elmo and Minnie Mouse panties that she loves and today she went like about a dozen times it seemed. A couple of accidents today but also a couple of times where she "caught" it and told me and we went to the potty. Also one time she was playing in her room and she went potty all by herself! I had asked her right before she went if she had to go and she said she didn't. Then I heard her go into the bathroom and snuck up on her and peeked inside and she was sitting on the potty going. Then she told me she flushed too.

Also tonight we put a diaper back on her because we had to go a couple of places before we went to a birthday party for a little boy in our playgroup and she told me twice in the car that she went potty! So she is realizing and connecting the dots. I am so proud of her but yet kinda sad because she is growing so quickly. It seems like just a few weeks ago that we were expecting her and now we have 2! The older you get the faster time goes it seems.

Well I just wanted to get a quick update! Night all!

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Beth said...

Oh my gosh, I love all of this pics! They are both so cute and I miss you all so much! We are trying to coordinate a flight your way in June or July. :-)