Saturday, July 30, 2011

1st Drive-In Movie Expierence

When I was growing up I can remember going to the drive in theater with my parents and it was a blast. I can actually remember seeing Indiana Jones..although not sure which one it was. I think the second one. Then when K and I were dating we went to the drive in as well. To me, there is nothing more fun in the summer than getting in your pajamas and grabbing your blankets and pillows and heading out to the drive in. We have talked about taking Grace since the beginning of summer because its one of our favorite things to do. Also its cheap 2 movies for $7 and close to our house, less than 5 minutes away. One of the draw backs with going to the drive in theater in Utah is, that the movie doesn't start until it gets dark, which means about 9:15pm here...well past bedtime. So we have been hemming and hawing about whether we wanted to take the plunge and take Grace to see a movie at the drive in. We had finally decided to just go for it last weekend, but it was summer showers last weekend and all this week. Friday was the first evening it didn't rain and it was a little bit cooler than normal-meaning not 95 degrees. Once the sun sets though its not that bad. We were a little bit worried about Aaron because he is such a particular sleeper, and likes it dark and quiet. So we got the kids in their pj's and the truck packed up and headed the 7-11 down the street for slurpees and candy and then to the drive in. Aaron was passed out asleep by the time we got our spot so we just rolled the windows down and let him sleep. He did good until the movie was almost over probably just about 11pm and then woke up. He instantly stopped crying when he saw the movie screen and was mesmerized. Grace got a little bored about 2/3 of the way through the movie, but on the whole did really well for her first time. Although her bouncy behavior could be attributed to the slurpee and candy she had after bedtime!
They both finished out the movie well behaved and we decided to head home. Normally I am a night owl and would have been game for the second movie..Mr. Poppers Penguins, but last night I was tired and didn't want to risk the second movie. So we left on a good note, after all Grace didn't know we paid for 2 movies! And since the kids were free anyways its not like we wasted our money. She was so cute calling the movie Race cars!

Here she is eating mommy's treat actually. Making a silly face.

Cheezin it with Daddy

Cheezin it with mommy!

My sweet girl, I can't believe she is getting so big!

Snuck a picture of the precious lad asleep with his leg propped up. I just love those baby hands and feet! He is such a character, yesterday he was rocking side to side in his high chair, just to be silly! Hadn't ever seen him do that before, what a goof!

Our cozy truck~

This was the third family pic I took and had to turn the flash on manual because the auto flash wasn't activating. So Grace was done taking pictures and daddy's eyes were closed.

This one was using the auto flash and it didn't use the flash so it was a bit dark.
Kickin back with daddy.

This morning Aaron woke up at 7am ish which he has been doing a majority of the week, except I was feeling way tired and kind of junk fooded out. So I nursed him and put him back to bed and stay asleep for awhile till almost 10, I was amazed. So we all slept in then I gathered up the kids and headed to wal mart, I needed to get another package of diapers for Grace for bedtime, and wanted to see if I could find a kiddie pool and/or water table. They didn't have any of that, so we got a few little extras and then grabbed lunch to take home. The kids are napping now and we are surfing the net and enjoying the quiet time. We have to get our rest in this weekend because next week will be busy with the rehearsal dinner BBQ at our house on Tuesday, wedding prep on Wednesday and wedding on Thursday. Then girls night with the playgroup moms on Friday! Can't wait it should be a busy but fun week!

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