Thursday, September 15, 2011

11 months and what not

Aaron turned 11 months old on Tuesday! These 1st few pictures of him wearing red and blue are from awhile back I just forgot I had taken them. He is sleeping better, he hasn't been waking up in the 5 o clock hour. Well except that one time! He still goes to bed great and he still wakes up on the wrong side of the bed every single time. But I have a new theory about that...the last week probably, I wait and let him cry it out. And a lot of times he will either go back to sleep or quiet down. I found that when I went in there and got him he was still sort of asleep and despite me holding him he was still just as ramped up as if I would have left him. So especially for naps he has to cry it out. I love this picture of him standing. He stand so good, and has no problem climbing at all! He has figured out how to crawl up onto the fireplace hearth and the picnic table downstairs and has even stood straight up once on the picnic table. He loves water and loves playing in the dogs bowl or the toilet. New rule in our house shut the bathroom door. Grace never found that quite so fascinating. lol

These pictures were taken on Tuesday. He still has no interest in walking despite his parents trying to bribe him with M&M's. He will make his body go slack if he doesn't want to walk. The funny thing is when we "walk" with him and hold his hands and kind of support his body weight he does really good and walks pretty well and lately both K and I have said we could almost just let go and he would just keep walking except for his death grip on our fingers or that he realizes that we are about to do that!

His little bottom tooth is coming up more and more and I think he maybe getting the one next to it soon. I thought I saw white in that spot below his gums. It's hard to tell because he hates being messed with and you have to pull his lip down and get his tongue out of the way.

This is him voicing his opinion about now wanting his picture taken with me! lol He was mad at me for something I can't remember what. He pulls such sad faces, you think I had told him he would never eat ice cream again! In fact the last night I reheated some meatloaf and mashed potatoes I had made for dinner. The kids had both enjoyed that meal when I had made it, however Aaron was not having it last night. I also gave him some peaches to get his appetite going. He ate all those up and then just sat and whined in his chair. At one time I tried to feed him a piece of meatloaf and he made like he wanted to pick it ups himself, so I let him take it. He promptly tried to toss it overboard. I was like, "Aaron No!" He looks at me staring unsure of what to think for just being chastised, then his face starts puckering up, his eyes brim with huge crocodile tears, that bottom lip pokes out and he starts wailing!

K and I both thought it was hilarious, he is so dramatic. You can kinda see in this picture the beginning of the sad face.

But here is the happy face. Sorry some of these are so blurry it was really hard getting pics of him on the go.

Here with mommy and unsure of what to think about what I am doing. Last night Aaron got whole milk for the first time and then again this morning he had a little bit. But I am afraid that he is going to have to wait a little bit more I think. He has had the worst diapers and his bum is on fire. He has been a sad boy today because his bottom hurts. The pediatrician had said 11 months instead of a year was ok, in order for him to gain some weight, but it looks like he has either had too much or it doesn't agree with him.

My precious little girl helper. She had an awesome nap and woke up a sweaty mess, but you can see all those tomatoes, I used those to make my homemade sauce. There was a little bit more that you can't see. She loves to help in the kitchen both mommy and daddy.

I had to post this picture because she seriously posed for this picture. She made this face and held it for a minute. I don't know what she was thinking but she looks like a hot mess! Literally! She is such a funny girl!

Actually getting a cute smile from her.

And her poor knees. You can see how we have had multiple skinned knees on both legs. We picked up some Vitamin E oil so put on her knees. I would hate for her to have scarred up knees the rest of her life from just learning how to move around in her own body!

Oh my goodness the "Pack Pack!" So I told Grace a little while ago that we could get her a backpack to take on our trip to SD in Nov. So on Monday she mentioned it and I thought yeah we aren't doing anything today and school is pretty much in session so we should be able to find some on clearance. Well we went to Target and found this super cute rolling "pack pack" (just like daddy's briefcase) it has a handle you pull up like rolling luggage. (She has her hand on it) She LOVES this backpack. She melted down at naptime and bedtime that day because she wanted to play with it so bad. She is going to be thrilled when she actually gets to roll it around the airport and have her stuff inside.

Ok so here is the picture of the chicken fontina I made. I tried this new recipe from Giada once before but this time I improvised and changed it up a lot. This time I deglazed the pan using some leftover reisling (homemade from K's cousin) and used all of our fresh tomatoes. Garlic, onions, a bay leaf some other seasonings and some heavy cream all made this delicious. 2 things I will do differently next time is puree the tomatoes (I normally do but had totally forgotten to this time and it was a bit chunkier although still good than I prefer) and then let it thicken up a little longer. Because I had to cook the tomatoes first this dinner took forever so everyone was starving. And of course my new favorite cheese is a Fontina-it melts so good and is just yummy! You can see my husband has a clean plate and is mopping up all the goodness with a piece of bread.

Nothing else going on here we are just sitting back and trying to be patient as certain things work themselves out. Some things just take a little time if you know what I mean and so we have to wait a couple of weeks before checking back in. I can't believe my baby boy is almost one year old, boy does time fly. I am enjoying September, we still have nice warm days but the they aren't nearly so unbearably hot. The nights are cool and I am in the midst of party planning for Aaron. Hope everyone has a good weekend its almost here!!!

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