Monday, September 26, 2011


Hey all, I started to do this post last night and got all my pictures uploaded and then the laptop died and I couldn't be bothered to go get the cord from the living room. Normally the plug is our room but it migrated to the living room and hasn't made it back yet. These first 2 pic I took the other day, actually I don't really remember when I took all of these but can guess within the last 5 days. Grace here is enthralled with Iron Chef America which was on while I dusted our room. Go figure she actually watched it for a little while...more interesting than smiling for the camera. The little bear here is on the move again, holding on to everything until its time to speed crawl away. (Which is why it's a blurry picture) He still has no desire to walk. Although K did get him to take a couple of steps on his own, but only by walking while holding his hands and then slipping his finger out of Aaron's grasp.

Grace is rediscovering her playdough again and can play with it for a little bit. She loves to roll it out real thing and make shapes out of the 'stencils'. I have to get her some more playdough tools for Christmas.

She looks so much like her dad, little cutie pie. She sure is a whiz.

Here is the little bear waking up from his nap. On Sunday he actually slept until 7am straight through! It was great. He hasn't had anymore 5am or early wake up calls lately and I am beginning to think that when he does do that he may be teething...because we discovered another tooth popped through! So now he has one on the bottom and one on the top!

Look at that face, it sure does look grumpy doesn't it? But I think it might have been the beginning of a smile. I took about 30 pictures before I gave up and finally picked up the poor child from his crib.

Cookie Monster! I made chocolate chip cookies and let the kids have one for their after nap snack yesterday and this little darling was all over it! Cookies in both hands and melted chocolate all over his face! And once again here he is giving me his serious face. I think both kids know when the camera comes out, one is a ham the other is like no way mom!

In 3 short weeks my boy is going to be 1 years old! I can't believe it, and we have another one on the way. Last night when I was uploading these pictures I was looking for my Sept. 2011 file and found Sept 2010 first. In the front of the file was pictures of me pregnant with Aaron. Boy was I pregnant, but in a good cute way! lol I can't wait to see what the next one is going to be like.

So today we met up some friends and went to the zoo. We had a great time and Grace sure does love older kids. Aaron was so mellow too especially for missing his morning nap. I tried skipping his morning nap on Friday and had hoped for a long afternoon nap but that didn't happen. Today it did though! He fell asleep in the car on the way home (about 1:30) and slept until 4pm! It was great and I got to have a nap too, although I started freaking out that something had happened to him because he never sleeps that long. The one good thing about Aaron is that he has become easy to take out of his car seat asleep and then lay back down. Grace is always kind of bad at that. Half the time he stays asleep and if he does wake up while I am walking him in he will fall back asleep.

I am a little worried though that he might be getting sick. He kind of burped/spit up three times within like 20 minutes this afternoon before dinner and I was afraid to feed him dinner. Neither one of my kids have ever thrown up because they were sick and I could just see myself glad for a long nap because I would be up with him all night tonight. So I am praying he is fine and just had the burps. He ate his dinner down fine. He had yummy chicken from a quesadilla and rice. And seemed fine after but I am praying still!

K is out of town again for 3 days so we are on our own tonight and tomorrow but he will be back on Wednesday. We miss him!

We decided to officially cancel out Netflix this weekend and are going to try Blockbusters program that is similar. We didn't like that they were going to have 2 separate companies to do the streaming and the mailed dvds. We already ordered some movies and it sees that they have more selection already. And we like that we can take them back to the store instead of mail them. So if we want to go pick up a movie for Grace we can, plus we have 2 out at a time. I think that is the gist of it. Grace is so into the Lion King right now. Whenever she seems promotions or a commercial for it she goes, "My tiger movie!" Especially if she sees a commercial because she doesn't really understand what a commercial is. She just wants me to put it on for her. We may go take her to see it in the theaters, we will have to see if someone wants to babysit Aaron because for sure I am not taking him!
The Briggs update: We took him to his special appointment for his eyes and basically got stronger medicine to help clear up his eyes. It started working right away and we have a follow up appointment in a couple of weeks. We will see how it goes, the drops are cheap and neither was the appointment for that matter, but the poor dog can see again. The hard part is remembering to give him 2 different eyes drops in the morning and night in each eye. K has been the one in charge of that task but when he is away I have to remember to do it.

So far with this pregnancy I have been feeling ok, it could be a lot worse I know. It also seems that I am more yucky feeling at night. I get all sloshy and can't eat a big dinner. I have to sleep on my back and kind of up on the pillows, which does not bode well for the long term. That was how I was with Aaron at the end.

Speaking of Aaron I hear him...he is fussing and waking up slowly and it has only been and hour I see. Wait... maybe he will put himself back to sleep. My poor boy...I love you son.

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