Saturday, September 17, 2011


Grace has been so full of funny thing lately that I want to try and write them down so I can remember later. We went for a walk after dinner and Grace had a ball she was so funny. At one point we passed a house that had a little dog on the front porch and it was barking. She started barking back at it. "Arf Arf!" So we chuckled to ourselves and slowly walked past the house. I said to Grace, "Are you talking to the dog?" She nods. "What are you saying?" I asked
"Arf." she replies, like duh mom.
And tonight for dinner she decided she needed to have her own bowl of clam chowder. Yum! But really what 2 year old do you know who likes clam chowder. So much so that she waited to eat it because it was piping hot at first.
We popped the Utah game on right before bed to check the score. Grace says, "I wanna watch football." Of course she didn't really want to go to bed either. So we taught her to say, "Go Utes!"
She is so cute and smart!

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