Friday, September 30, 2011

New Steps

Today was a hectic day even though I stayed home all day. I tried to get a bunch of house work done today and succeeded in vacuuming and mopping the living room and kitchen. I also sadly realized that I have several more years of cleaning up sticky floors. We have wood laminate floors and between the tumbleweed of dog hair and the crumbs from the babies and spilt water and cut onions bits or whatever our floors seem to get dirty so fast. I almost just don't want to do it because as soon as I let the dogs in you can see their paw prints or they slurp water and slosh it everywhere. Or then its dinner time and noodles are flying off the high chair, but alas this is that season of life and I have to get used to it! At least Daddy like it and was really appreciative when he came home so that is nice.

Aaron did not want to take a morning nap today so I tried to feed them lunch early and put them both down a little early than they have been. Aaron slept but only for his usual hour and a half and I don't think Grace slept at all, although she was quiet.

When Aaron did get up from his nap I let him have some animal crackers and he actually took his first steps all by himself, twice in a row! I was/am so proud of my little boy! He has been 'walking' holding onto us for awhile now and it just seems like he just didn't ever have the confidence and also that he thought his speed crawling was faster. Hopefully this is the beginning of many more walking adventures to come and he may be actually walking for his birthday in 2 weeks!

I took this video this afternoon of Grace riding her rocking horse, she was previously yelling, "YeeeeeeHaaaawwww!" over and over, but of course as soon as I started videoing she stopped. Oh and another things she says that I don't want to forget is about Hide and Seek. She loves playing that with K and she will count to 3 (yeah he doesn't get much time to hide) and then she will say, "Ready or no heres mine come!" It is the cutest darn thing ever. Oh and sometimes she will hide in the same spot over and over again. She is too cute!

Well tomorrow K and I have a date night and we are so excited to get out of the house and hang without kids. We both have been a little stressed out lately with different things, work pregnancy, kids, dogs, name it and we are thankful for Grandma and Aunt L to babysit together tomorrow. We are looking forward to a wonderful weekend starting with date night and ending with church and a going away party for some new friends on Sunday evening. We hope you all have a wonderful weekend planned! All our Love!

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