Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our news

So we have some news in our family that we are happy to announce! If you haven't already guessed from the photo above we are expecting our third and final child. The baby is due April 21st, although if I am lucky then this one will be early like the other 2! I am 9 weeks along and feeling decent enough. A little queasy and tired. I have found with this one that the more frequently I eat the less yuck I feel. So I have been trying to keep my tummy full. Although I already feel like I can't drink a lot or I start feeling sloshy and almost heartburn-y.

We get to hear the heartbeat at the next checkup next month.

We love you!

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K said...

Hi babe testing to see if I can comment. Having supper for one on denver and found my bberry can read your posts again... Yay. Thinking of you all and missin you.