Monday, May 24, 2010

15 Weeks, Baby Powder, and 16 Weeks

I took this pic last week when I was 15 weeks and now am posting it...finally. This was tonight and totally cracked me up! I gave the Lil Miss the closed baby powder to hold and now we know she can open it! LOL! I said, "Babe quick grab your phone and get this!"

After that I requested Daddy to bring in our camera so I could download the pics then daddy started play camera man! He didn't realize that I wasn't quite fully in the view

Look at those bangs always in her face these days, I wish the sides wold grow out too.

And now since I am going to be 16 Weeks tomorrow there is a shot of my belly! It looks kinda muffin topish because of were my jeans sit, but oh well. Today was a hard day. I woke up feeling fine and got to work and was logging the deposit bags with my teller and almost fainted. I suddenly got super hot and tried to sit down on her chair and then just ended up sitting on the floor. My nurse said that is normal because pregnant woman have a lot of blood flowing or something like that so there blood pressure can go up or down quickly. Hmm, who knew.
The rest of the day I had really bad gas pains off and on and was really uncomfortable, so far the Tums haven't been helping that much so I got some Gas-X. I have only took 2 of those so we will see how those go.

Sorry I was wrong about the videos being on the camera, it was just pictures. Just Grace up close with her paci. Here's to tomorrow and one more day closer to the 3 day weekend!

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so, i'm not sure if you know this...but kc is prego too :) and just less than a week behind you! it's so crazy! also, i was thinking the other day - are you guys doing this one the same way...waiting till birth day to find out the baby's gender?