Sunday, May 23, 2010

Just a quick recap...

of our weekend. Sorry I don't have any new pictures. Daddy used the camera for work and I keep forgetting to get it out of the truck. I think that I have a video on there that I need to upload, so I will get to that soon.

This weekend we just chilled out and we didn't clean or do laundry or anything! This morning we took Grace to the park and tried to run out some of her energy. Lately she does this whiny thing, were she just whines and whines when she is done with...whatever! Some of this is understandable we know, like when we are out to eat, there is only so much sitting still a 1 1/2 year old can do. But other times she is just so persnickty! Like refusing to say Thank You (which she knows how to do and then gives me a look like, "No I don't wanna!) And putting her beets in her mouth and chewing them up like she likes them and they are good and then spitting them out very loudly making her tongue vibrate and getting beets everywhere. So we think she is approaching the "terrible twos". Is this the age that happens? She loves putting her shoes and socks on but hates getting dressed and her diaper changed most times. So needless to say she went to bed early because she was wearing mommy down, especially since mommy was feeling really tired today. After the park we got lunch and then went right home and went down for a nap, the both of us!!

Now its time to get to bed early.

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