Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Barnyard Dance

This is Grace's favorite book right now. It's a little diddy of a book, and it has lots of farm animals in it, among them are her favorites, cows and ducks. Everytime she see the cow or ducks in the book she moo's or quacks. In fact it was funny we went to Famous Dave's on Saturday and she started quacking and we were like..."huh what is she...." And then we saw the wooden ducks on the wall! She loves cows and ducks. Also I think she roars when she sees dogs in the book.

Today I am 15 weeks along and the lil baby is the size of an apple, I think its about 4 inches long. I still feel tired, in fact we turned the light out at 940 last night and I was asleep shortly after and slept till 7am. Still trying to eat small meals and basically still have a some minor heartburn, when I eat too much or drink too much or too quickly.

I am feeling happy though, my sweet husband is home and Grace sure does love her daddy. She loves coming home and finding daddy. We look in the office and the bedroom and then he comes sneaking up the stairs and she starts laughing when she sees him. She knows now exactly who he is a loves saying da da, and sometimes she says daddy and mommy.

Well thats my update back to The Biggest Loser..

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