Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Avocados and Babies

We happen to buy avocados this weekend (44 cents each at Winco!) and since I am 16 weeks today and the baby is the size of an avocado I decided to take another pic and share the belly in a more flattering light. Although now that I have it posted that avocado looks tiny next to my belly! LOL! I suppose there is the uterus and fluid and some extra padding from before....
I love my daughter...Grace your so sweet and amazing. Daddy gave you a bath tonight after a delicious meal he cooked of grilled pork chops, brocolli and rice! (It's making me hungry again...wait I have Cold Stone) (Afterall I have the Biggest Loser season finale to watch! :) ) Anyways you were so cute with your little builder guy and tooth brush you love to carry them around lately. You kept running down the hall toward me your sweet blue eyes sparkling! Kiss Kiss all over your precious face.

Enjoy the video, more book reading sorry for the bad camera angle at one time...I dropped the camera.


SOVEREEN'S :) said...

Oh you're looking so dang cute all pregnant:) When do you find out what you are having?

Beth said...

I just loved her little "moooo". Such a smart, beautiful baby girl! And baby number 2 is really growing too! You're beautiful!!!