Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Cake

Daddy let me sleep in this morning and that was great! The lil Miss shared daddy's bowl of oatmeal. We buy it in the bulk foods at the Winco and its had raisens and other goodies in it too. Daddy makes a big bowl and adds butter milk and a huge glob of peanut butter. I told KSov this morning you might have to start making her, her own bowl. Because she loves sharing oatmeal with daddy!
Apparently our sweet lil girl hasn't been getting good naps at daycare. So mommy took her Lamby and that has helped. Also even though her room has blinds now, I decided yesterday or the day before to put her tablecloth back up because the sun sets on that side and it sets late. It seemed to help today! She had a pretty good three hour nap.
And Mommy had herself a nice 2 hour nap too! So nice.
So since I didn't go anywhere today I got the bug to either cook or bake something. So I dug out Pioneer Womans Cookbook out and started flipping thru it to find something to make for dessert. I had everything to make it so I did and it was pretty fast for being homemade. I did have to add an extra 10 min. I haven't had any yet so I will let you know how good it was, but the icing was delicious. As you can see from the picture above, the Lil Miss agrees too.
I let her have the small lil whisk to suck on.

She certainly enjoyed it....

See her face? This is the look I get a lot these days. You see I had just told her to not touch her horsey because her hands where sticky. Yes, this is Grace, saying "So what Mommy, I am doing it anyway...what are you going to do about it? Hee Hee."

Shortly after this gleeful laugh her chocolate whisk was taken away and she was carried off to the bath. Which she threw a temper tantrum about. She is definetly going through some kind of terrible twos stage. She can be so persnickety! I am glad I am pregnant already! LOL!

Here is the end result for the chocolate I got to go eat it! Love and Hugs!

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Beth said...

Yummy chocolate cake! I can tell Grace loved it!