Monday, May 17, 2010

Riding her Rocking Horse

Grace loves her horsey now. We put it out in the living room because it wasn't getting played with in her room. Now she will go over and want us to pick her up and put her on it. And she will turn it on while she rides as well. She is so funny.

We busted out the potty chair this weekend and made a fun game of sitting on it and saying, "Ta Da!" We aren't really potty training yet (we did buy diapers this weekend as well) but we thought we would get her used to seeing it and sitting on it. But she did actually go potty on it yesterday before her bath. Mommy undressed her and then we went to the bathroom to take a bath and we sat down on her potty. She starting going tinkle in the potty and scared herself a bit I think, because she jumped up and stopped going. But then Mommy started jumping up and down and clapping and going really crazy, so she did too. Daddy brought a sucker and she got to suck on that while we tried to sit on it again and go, but instead we just slobbered pink sucker juice all over so we got into the bath nd got cleaned up. (Without the sucker).

We had a good weekend and it was so pretty outside, I am ready for summer to come!

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