Monday, May 3, 2010

Graham Cracker Love

Can you see where we are sitting? Yeah, the kitchen. I sat down to get her picture and she decided to sit in my lap, where she was quite content! I tried getting up a couple of times, she wasn't have any of that, she wanted to sit in my lap and that was that! We bought some Graham Crakers to munch on from the grocery store yesterday, and those sure were delicous and fun to eat of the floor!

Yes, she was laying on her tummy and at one point I think she was trying to lick up the crumbs from the floor. It was hard to tell because I couldn't see her face. Good thing we had just vacuumed.
I think she was jammin out here to the music.

So on Saturday I finally organized all of her clothes! After looking at these boxes of clothes I am hoping we have a girl! lol Not really, but the top box is full of gender neutral clothes ages Newborn-3 Months. Then the next box is 3-6Months and the the third box is 6-9 Months And the last and the biggest are her 12 Month clothes. Now they are out of her room and downstairs in storage and her room is so much cleaner and organized! Love it!

So its Monday and we are starting another week without Daddy he had to get up really early and drive out of town. He made it safe and he should be home late Friday. Next week I will get to go to my OB (my first OB with Grace) and I will be officially into the 2nd Trimester. Can't wait. Feeling fine, a lil bit tired still, also still have the heartburn/gass without the burn, just sloshiness. Which I have come to appreciate because then I am forced to eat a lot of small meals and not overeat, also it forces my to eat better and not drink soda. I will try to take a pic tomorrow night of my baby belly, because I got one already!

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Beth said...

I know you must feel so much more organized having gone through Grace's clothes! I was having withdrawals for Grace pics! :) These are so cute!