Sunday, August 5, 2012

Grace & Sarah's Room

It's finally done! I was able to finally get the last little projects done for the girls room and I love how it turned out.  I wanted the colors to be blue and yellow, but there is a lot of pink in it too which wasn't planned but I rolled with it.  So you can see the walls are 'Glass Bead' blue and I love the color.
 I re-hung the Raggedy Ann print which I should have taken a closer picture of, because her dress is blue and the flowers are yellow, with the pink background.
 The inside of their closet,a framed bible verse with a yellow print and a blue basket.
 It's hard to read with the glare but it's Numbers...shoot I can't remember it now. 
 Grace's bed, her linens were pink and I wasn't going to buy new yellow ones but her Great Grandmother sent her a yellow crochet blanket which fits her bed perfectly.  And she has a quilt blanket that has blue, yellow and pink on it.  I took off the pink and lime green lady bug bedspread.  If I had a duvet cover for it in yellow or blue I would use it again this winter, but for now the light blankets she has is fine.
 Sarah's crib with her yellow and pink fitted sheet.
 This was the fitted sheet that came with the toddler bed.  It was white with pink flowers on it.  Since I didn't pay for it really I decided to dye it yellow and I love how it turned out.
 Raggedy Ann and Andy bringing in some more blue, yellow and a pink piggy bank!
 And my favorite part their name letters.  I will have to take a closer pic of these, its not as clear as I wanted now that I am looking on the computer.  But I repainted Grace's name letters and bought some wooden ones for Sarah and painted those.  Today I did the art.  I had found these scrap fabrics at Hobby Lobby, well technically Grace found them and I was thrilled she did.  They were 4 different blue and yellow fabric swatches.  I bought 2 different square canvases and wrapped the fabric around them.  Then I had this super cute beige/yellow heart ribbon that came on one of my baby shower gifts, so I used that to hang them up.  I had originally thought I might do something in the middle of each canvas but as of now I am going to leave them.

This little peanut is so cute! Took these pics last week I believe and she was in a happy mood in her swing (rare).  And that's her Frankie dog. 
 Forgot about these too! I had heard the kids playing and having a good time in the girls room the other day and then I realized why when I walked in and saw Aaron had gotten a chair and climbed in! He knew he was in trouble-that stinker!
Today I mowed the front and back yards, that way it wouldn't be 2 weeks long when K comes home next weekend.  Also good to get some steps in and burn some calories. But the last 2 nights Sarah has been waking up between 9:45 and 10:30 and its just ridiculous.  Last night she woke at 9:45 and was awake until like 11:20. I am over it.  I am feeling the tiredness tonight and no extra workouts for me. Well time to wrap things up so I can get to bed early! NIGHT!

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