Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Watch out World!

Grace is such a big girl and loves dresses and playing dress up, it's so cute.  She wanted to wear this bow that goes on a knitted crochet hat she has, so I stuck it in her hair..of course then she had to get my high heels. 
 After playgroup today we helped a friend out, and then I remembered we didn't have anything really for the kids to eat for lunch so we ran through and got them something.  Took us a little longer to get home and naps for the big kids got messed up.  Grace stayed up and helped me take pictures of the size 2 diapers I had.  They sold tonight!
 I took this one of peanut awhile ago, she was watching Sesame Street with the big kids.  She is constantly surprising me with how early she is doing things. I said it before she was born because of how active she was, but she is going to keep me on my toes I think! Oh and I got a video to upload of the kids on our walk tonight! Imagine that! Took the video with my phone so it's grainy, but you can hear Aaron talking! Also I think I have Sarah trained to fall asleep by herself now, which is great! Naps and now bedtime are getting easier!  Time to get Grace to bed, I let her stay up a little bit so Sarah could fall asleep.  Nighty night!

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