Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Reminds me of her daddy

Yesterday I posted pictures of the big kids but I didn't have any of Sarah.  Now today I have one of Sarah asleep at the park today.  I looked over at her and she was passed out like this.  I had to take a picture because she totally reminds me of her daddy with her arm and leg like this.  Can you believe those pudgy baby legs, don't you just want to gobble them up? And those cheeks and that belly??
Today at the park Aaron went down the metal slide again again and had a blast and Grace went down the fireman pole thingy all by herself! Oh! I almost forgot Aaron went pee pee in the potty training seat again tonight, a little bit more than last time.  He is getting so big so fast! I can't believe in a couple of months he is going to be 2!  And this time last year we found out we were pregnant and now look how big our little 'peanut' is.  (K started calling her peanut and it just stuck, which is ironic because she is far from a peanut baby, I mean she was 8lbs 8 ounces at birth! But she is our last so she is our peanut)  She is getting some good afternoon naps.  Morning naps are hit and miss, she will go anywhere from 30-60 minutes.  But the afternoon naps she will take a good 2 1/2-3 hour nap. 
She still hates paci's and is beginning to use me as a paci! Which of course I am not fond of, but because K has been gone traveling and I am trying to put all 3 kids to bed at the same time, I do what I have to do to get a little bit of me time. 
Tomorrow our street is getting repaved and we have playgroup, K has another busy day at work and we are meeting some friends at Buca Di Beppo for dinner, time to hit the rack!

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