Monday, August 20, 2012


Yesterday after we left the zoo it was dinner time and we were all hot and sweaty and tired and hungry for some yummy food without doing any cooking.  So we headed over to Rubio's which I hadn't been to before.  At least not here.  It was delicious! And fresh and the kids ate great.  The thing is Sarah has really been into trying to grab my food lately when I am holding her and eating.  She will try to grab my plate and pull it towards her and last night she was trying to grab my burrito!  I really can't blame her because it was a very yummy shrimp burrito.  But seriously the girl is ready to start eating real food I think!
And, last week at playgroup one of my girlfriends offered me a box of rice cereal that she had leftover that was going to be expiring soon and I said, "Oh no thank you I think we still have another month before we try rice cereal!"  If only I would have known! 
 Then later tonight the big kids were 'cooking' with their play food and bringing it to me to eat.  Again Sarah was on my lap while we sat on the couch and Grace brought a plastic piece of pie and Sarah reached for it, got it and instantly put it into her mouth! So maybe she will sleep better getting a little bit of to put it on the grocery list! She is definitely cruising right along.

 Today started out rough because I couldn't get anything done! And I had/have a lot to do, but right before lunch things started getting better.  (Ha! Probably because Sarah finally fell asleep and took her morning nap) And then she took a nice 3 hour nap this afternoon with the big kids.
I was at Costco last week and could not resist getting this pjs for the big kids this winter!  They were only 7.99 each.  I was going to buy Sarah some but thought I should wait and see how much bigger she gets!
Looking forward to playgroup tomorrow.

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