Monday, August 13, 2012

What we have been up too

I can't believe that August is almost half over and soon summer will be too.  I have been trying to grow Grace's hair out and train it to go back.  Baby hair is a tough one and I am still learning with my 3 year old.  I am hoping I will have gained some sort of wisdom about training baby hair by the time Sarah gets enough to train.  So a few weeks ago I suddenly remembered how to french braid.  I had never been able to do my own or anyone else's for that matter.  But when you try to puzzle out different ways of doing your daughters hair so its cute and out of her sweet face, you brainstorm.  So I had her sit down (she didn't want too, bless her heart but she is obedient for the most part) and we tried it out.  As you can see one side is better.....

 ...than the other.
 It wasn't very tight on the other side, not sure if it was because she was wiggly or because her hair wasn't wet enough and I haven't tried it again since.  Tomorrow's no good because I washed her hair tonight and it's super soft and smooth.
 Her poor eye, these pics are about 2 weeks old, because K is in them!
 Being silly with daddy.
 Not sure what he was saying or doing but being silly for sure.
 Grace drew a picture of a rainbow on Saturday when we went out to dinner with daddy once he got home. I was so proud of her! Can you see it?  She remembered from a Sesame Street show, she is so smart!
 This was tonight after we went on a walk, Aaron wanted to mow the lawn...soon enough my boy, soon enough. 

So on Saturday I weighed myself again and I am down another 2 pounds!  That makes a total of 10 pounds!  I am very excited and can't wait to fit into more of my pre-pregnancy clothes.  And last week I didn't do a lot of working out because it was the 2nd week of K being gone and I was feeling pretty worn out, so I just tried to eat good and not splurge.  Also on Saturday night we went into Best Buy and checked out the FitBits, for K.  It's funny because at the end of August we had a birthday dinner for some family down at my mother-in-laws place and I was telling everyone about my FitBit and how much weight I had lost and how I loved it.  Well I guess my sister-in-law was all about getting one, to track her steps.  She recently graduated from the U's nursing program and got a job really quickly as a nurse.  And since nurses walk a lot, she was diggin it.  Well to make a long story short she got a FitBit and then K did and then my brother-in-law got one yesterday after seeing his wife get one! So now the 4 of us are all on FitBit tracking our steps and getting healthy! And I am excited to have my hubby with me so we can compete!  The rest of this week he will be working at a huge job site where he does a lot of walking up and down hills and such.  It will be interesting to see how many 'floors' he gets on his FitBit, the only downside for him is that he hikes around there with his tool box and a lot of gear and FitBit can not measure the exertion you do when you are working really hard like that.  But it's better than nothing.
Also last week I had a doctor's appointment with the dermatologist.  When I was pregnant with Sarah I broke out in a few red scaly patches and thought I just had some eczema and it would go away when my hormones settled back down.  But then I had her and I kept getting more and more all over my legs.  So I booked an appointment and found out that I officially have psoriasis. It can come on around age 28 and you can't get rid of it, just treat it or control it.  Their are different triggers that people have that can make it flare up, strep, a sunburn, winter weather and stress.  Mine was for sure STRESS! Having the 3 littles and running around like a headless chicken...yeah I am stressed.  Another thing I didn't want to do was to treat each spot topically, however that is exactly what I have to do.  But at least it is working pretty quickly.  I took a picture of my leg with the 4 worst spots.  They used to be dark red, but the strong steroid ointment I have is doing the trick.  I just have to remember to put cream on each spot daily and they are mostly all over my legs front and back.  Our poor kids between K's eczema and now my psoriasis they are doomed! Well hopefully not.

We are so glad to have Daddy back and are looking forward to having him home to hang out with us for a little while, at least until the middle of September before he is gone again.  Well it's getting late and I need a shower before I can get my zzzz's. Love yas!

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