Sunday, October 13, 2013

Aaron's 3rd Birthday

I'm going to try to keep this short and sweet as there are a lot of pictures I posted.  The day started off with the big kids sleeping in, which was hard becase Sarah was awake at 7 and I couldn't let her loose because she would have found the train table and un-sheeted the surprise.
I had to go wake them up at 8:30 as we needed to get going because we are serving at church and can't miss, but we wanted to let him play with his train before hand. I went in to wake him and he woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I pulled him into my lap and was holding him while he stretched and fussed and then I whispered into his ear, Happy Birthday Aaron. His eyes opened wide and he said, "Today is my birthday?" Yep. "I 3 today?" Yes you are! "Is Maliya and Macin here?" (His friends. I had to chuckle that that was the 3rd thing he asked about when he woke.
Then of course he got up and was excited for the day and was even more thrilled to take the sheet off and see his train and table. Best present ever. Even though it was kind of a 'recycled' gift as he had already gotten the train set 2 Christmas's ago (I think) he of course didn't remember and now he can actually play with it at his height. All of the kids loved it, as you can tell.

I just LOVE this picture of Sarah and her little pooched out Choo Choo lips. And she was choo chooing away with that train.

Later tonight we had family and some friends over for a little dinner. I made "Cheesy Noodles" Aaron's favorite and it was a hit as you can tell. I was worried with having his cousins over that little eating would happen but no he scarfed his food, which makes a mommy happy.

And so did this one.


This big sister has such a generous kind heart that makes her mommy proud. Today at church her Pre-K class made Oreo turkey cookies with Candy Corn feathers. She saved her 'treat' for Aaron since it was his birthday. At first I thought that she got to make two and she ate one and asked to make one for Aaron, but no she only made one.  And her teacher told her she could give it to whoever she wanted. She is always thinking of him and always brings an extra Dum Dum sucker back for him from her dance class too.

My sister in laws...Crystal and Rachelle they are pretty awesome.

This little doll baby Abby is just about 3 months now and pretty happy!
Ed and Curtis 

Loved holding baby Abby, and was so happy that Abby could wear some of my favoritehand me downs from my girls. 

Grandma was saying something very important. 

And of course Sarah is a big girl now and wanted to hold the "Bebe." Which just killed me, she looks so big. Sarah your MY baby!

Opening gifts

He loved this Mickey Mouse watch from Nana & Papadaddy.
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