Friday, October 4, 2013

Grandma Krissy and Papa Michael's...A.K.A. "The Park"

The Saturday of our trip to San Diego was spent visiting our family in Ramona. Boy do we love going to Ramona. The kids love it because they can play and play on the swing set and the sand box and the trampoline and with their 'cousins'. And I love it because their 'cousins' play with them and entertain them and I get to have grownup talk. But really we love them and they love us so we just have a blast catching up. 
Of course the dare devil child loves to swing and will swing until the cows come home.

Trying to 'superman' like her sister does.

Emily and Aaron

Russell playing with all the kids on the trampoline, Sarah loved jumping too. (Was there any doubt??) 

Russell and Aaron, these two are both so tendered hearted. I remember when Russel was about 5 and Aaron reminds me a lot of him. Crazy that he is almost driving, I know my kids will be teenagers soon!!

We played and chit chatted the day away until Papa was able to come home (he had to work) and then we got dinner at Boll Weivel. And they got to play pin ball and get little plastic toys for $50 out of the machines and they LOVED that, as it was the first time they really got to do all that.
My kids are so loved...dare I say spoiled??
I guess that's what grandparents are for! 
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