Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cornbelly's Pumpkin Patch

We decided to take the kiddos to Cornbelly's today since it was perfect weather! 60 degrees and sunny in fact we all got a little bit of sun on our necks. I thought it was going to be cooler and brought jackets but we didn't need them. I wanted to get some fun fall pictures and I got some decent ones, goodness kids are so hard to take pictures of. They never look at the camera!

Who do you think was behind be for this one? Hardworking Daddy of course!

After I got the obligatory picture taking out of the way we set about in the corn maze. I had never done a corn maze before and always had thought it would be novel and fun. Boy was I ever wrong. Of course maybe they are more fun when you don't have preschoolers with you and you should wear comfortable shoes. Mine started out comfortable but didn't end that way. :) Grace wanted to be the map reader which she is typically very good at, unless she is in a corn maze.

Luckily for me Daddy was a Marine, which means he had the necessary skills to navigate us out quickly to more fun and could carry lots of stuff for me for a bit.  Daddys' sure are great aren't they? 

And we quickly made our way to the end, thankfully, because it was my bright idea to do it first!

After the corn maze we had a shaved ice snack and then we played and played and bounced and slid. Until we were too tired and cranky...and Mommy's feet hurt and I was tired of carry all the stuff around. :)
We got and early dinner of chicken wings and Buffalo Wild Wings and then walked around Scheels for a tasty fudge treat. Pretty great fall day!
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Beth said...

Those are great pics! I do remember Cornbellys! That was a fun day!