Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Blowing it Up

These are the last of my pictures from San Diego and I just realized when I was uploading these I didn't get any of the big kids with Memaw and Pepaw (sorry guys!). However, I LOVE this genuine smile of Sarah's and my moms'. And for the record I uploading these pictures in the order I took them, so I wasn't torturing my child to make her make the following faces.

Obviously unhappy about sitting there or something. 

Then the death glare over at Memaw (remember she was just smiling previously!) I should probably pray more regularly for her husband.

Then the shocked 'If you get any closer I will be so scared that I might just have to shank you!' look.

Then something appealing on TV.

And then she felt really cool knocking knuckles and blowing it up.

But she can't just do it once....

No she has to do it lots of times typically. But hey, her smile came back!

She is such a joy and I can't wait to see how her personality will come out more and more. She knows what she wants that's for sure and has no problem voicing her opinion. She is our little Tasmanian Devil, fearless, but loves her cuddles too. I can't believe she is almost 18 months old! They change so fast between 1 and 2 don't they?
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