Wednesday, June 16, 2010

19 weeks

Here I am today, at 19 weeks, sorry my bathroom mirror is dirty...just dont mind that. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day, we have to get packed and ready tomorrow for our trip out to Wendover. For Fathers day we go out to Wendover with KSov's family, they have an annual car show they put a bunch of classic cars in. We set up canopy's and camping chairs, everybody brings food like picinic salads and snack foods. We hang out by the cars and there is a Poker Run the cars participate in. This year will be interesting because Grace can not only walk but run and throw fits and get bored. So we will see how it goes! I am planning on lots of different activities, but hopefully she will like the cars. She likes to say car when she points to a Firebird on one of Daddy's T-Shirts.

Funny story, today a customer graciously bought pizza and chicken wings for the branch, from Dominoes. Normally I am not a chicken wing type of gal, but let me tell you they were so delicious today. I had three at work and then brought the leftovers home. I had a bunch more tonight for dinner, with ranch. KSov is a huge wing lover and was like, "Yep you know she has my boy in there because she never eats chicken wings like this! He must be like his dad!"
Now isn't that sweet? Funny guy, but they were delicous and thankfully no heartburn!
Still tired and not sleeping very well the last few nights but eh, thats being pregnant huh?

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